Where the presidents spend their leisure time? Residences of world leaders.

1. Camp David, Washington, United States.

Located 100 kilometers north of Washington, this residence was built in the 30s for federal agents and their families. Suburban residence of the United States it has become the order of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942. During its 70-year history have been there more than 50 different heads of state. In 1943, US President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill discussed at Camp David plans for operations of the Normandy landings. The residence has become world famous due to the agreements signed by Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, visited Camp David in 2002 for talks with US President George W. Bush. Obama held a meeting of heads of state of the big eight. The residence is characterized by rustic style and consists of 11 bungalows spread over an area of over 50 hectares.