The best ski resorts in the world.


Ski resort of Les Menuires – another winter resort, where as nowhere else in France there is a democratic spirit and a warm atmosphere, will give an extraordinary feeling of home comfort! Ideal for families with children. For starters took an entire beginner’s village – La Croisette: ski area is a separate area of 5,000 sq.m. with free lift. In other regions there are “boulevards” – simple slopes, each of which is served by a private elevator with a special ski pass cost-effective for beginners. Pleasant skiing you also get in Mass, Mont de la Chambre and St. Martin. The local ski schools teach taken by any technique snowblades to mogul. The biggest – Ecole du Ski Francais (ESF) is located in La Croisette. The undoubted bonus is the ability to test the resort skiing in the neighboring regions of Espace Killy and Espase La Plagne, which is included in the price of your skipass.

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