The most amazing places for shopping

1. The Harrods, London, UK.The Harrods, London, UK.

“Harrods”, the most famous department store in the world, start with a small grocery store in 1894, owned by Charles Henry Harrods. Tiny shop quickly turned into a big shopping mall, offering customers food, stationery, cosmetics and medicines. In 1880, in the “Harrods” employs 100 people. In 1985, Mohamed Al Fayed, the Egyptian multimillionaire, bought the store for 615 million sterling feet. Today “Harrods” occupies 90,000 square meters of retail space, there are 330 departments in which you can buy almost everything – from food to home accessories. Approximately 4,000 employees are ready to satisfy the whims of even the most demanding customers. There is a famous story that one day in London the buyer ordered the elephant, and the store took him one day. Even if you can not call yourself a millionaire, be sure to visit the “Harrods”, arrived in London. Items here are quite expensive, and shopping mall is always packed with people, but it is worth a visit as a tourist attraction.

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