the most amazing surf spots

2. Jeffreys Bay (South Africa)Jeffreys Bay

In the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa, an hour’s drive south-west of the city of Port Elizabeth is Jeffrey’s Bay – known point for surfers on the African coast. Experienced surfers prefer to rip the waves these beaches: Super Tubes, Boneyards, Kitchen Windows, Magna Tubes, Point and Albatross. Waves Bay Jeffrey – one of the coolest and most unpredictable. For example: to see high-speed wave height of 800 meters in the middle of the season – a common occurrence here. Waves constitute a kind of “pipe”, who will gladly submit to the pros. The annual festival of surfing Billbong Pro Surfing Festival underlines the status of the Gulf of Jeffrey in the world of surfing. The best surfing in Jeffrey’s Bay during June, July and August.

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