Top 10 luxurious hotels in the world

1. “Burj Al Arab”, Dubai

Located on the coast of the elite Jumeirah Beach hotel has no analogue in the world. The hotel is considered to be the most expensive and unusual project in the hotel industry for all its rich history, there really is than to surprise and delight as unique architectural design and interior decoration industry. Burj Al Arab is part of The Jumeirah Beach Resort and is located 15 km south of Dubai. Building of the hotel towers over the Persian Gulf in the 321 m., The foundation goes to the thickness of the seabed 40 meters. Artificial island is separated from the coast to 280 m. Whitewashed building is in the shape of the sail(hence the common name “Sail”), and its facade is illuminated at night thanks to a special coating. The hotel is the tallest hotel in the world.

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